VEPP-2000 Logging System

2 012
A.I. Senchenko, D.E. Berkaev
The electron-positron collider VEPP-2000 has been constructed in the Budker INP at the beginning of 2007 year. The first experiments on high-energy physics has been started at the end of 2009. The collider state is characterized by many parameters which have to be tracked. These parameters called channels could be divided into continuous (like beam current or beam energy) and pulsed. The main difference is that the first one related to the moment of time while the second one to the beam transport event. There are approximately 3000 continuous channels and about 500 pulsed channels at the VEPP-2000 facility. The Logging system consists of server layer and client layer. Server side are a specialized server with an intermediate embedded database aimed at saving data in case of external database fault. Client layer provide data access via API, CLI and WUI. The system has been deployed and is used as primary logging system on VEPP2000.