Control System for Injection Channels of VEPP-2000 Collider

2 008
D. Berkaev, P. Cheblakov, I. Koop, I. Ostanin, V. Kozak
The paper presents architecture, implementation and functionality of injection channels control system for VEPP-2000 collider. The software according to hardware system consists of different interacting subsystems responding on different injection channels parts. The paper describes structure and implementation of the hardware of the collider control system. The system consists of pulse-elements; steering coils power supplies and nanosecond high-power kicker (60 kV, 20 ns). The system is based on modern industrial protocol CAN-bus, CAMAC standard and specialized electronic BINP manufactured blocks according the standards. Software for the control system is based on several TCP/IP connected PC platforms working under operating system Linux and uses client-server techniques. CAN and CAMAC servers; different clients for control and power supply measurements; kicker control tools and their interaction with the rest of VEPP-2000 control system are described.