Beam Measurement System of VEPP-2000 Injection Channels

2 008
D. Berkaev, I. Ostanin, V. Kozak, V. Cherepanov, V. Repkov, E. Bykov
The paper presents single-flight beam diagnostic system for VEPP-2000 injection channels. The system includes two types of beam position monitors: secondary emission monitors and image current monitors. Tuning of the system, calibration of monitors, hardware and software of the diagnostic system are described. Main goal of the beam diagnostic system is providing lossless beam transport. To solve such problem one needs to tune up as guide fields as focusing fields of transportation channels. First task – trajectory correction – is solved with response matrix inversion by SVD method. Second task – optic function reconstruction – is solved with help of multidimensional fitting of channel magnet structure parameters with minimization mean-square deviation of modelled response matrix from measured one. The paper presents results of practical experience with automated beam transfer and optic functions tuning of injection channels of VEPP-2000 complex.