First Commissioning Results of VEPP-2000

2 009
D.Berkaev, A.Kirpotin, I.Koop, A.Lysenko, I.Nesterenko, A.Otboev, E.Perevedentsev, Yu.Rogovsky, A.Romanov, P.Shatunov, Yu.Shatunov, D.Shwartz, A.Valkovich, I.Zemlyansky
The new e-e+ collider VEPP-2000 based on round beams approach was constructed at BINP and now is in commissioning stage. It will operate in the energy range from pion-production threshold up to 2 GeV. First luminosity 10^31 cm-2 s-1 at phi-meson energy was successfully achieved in a single bunch mode. At the moment two detectors are in final preparation for data taking. Below a brief activity report and first results of a commissioning are presented.