Luminosity Estimation and Beam Phase Space Analysis at VEPP-2000

2 013
A.L. Romanov, I. Koop, E. Perevedentsev, D.B. Shwartz
Luminosity is the main output of colliders, so it is very important to measure it with speed and accuracy. VEPP-2000 has 16 beam profile monitors (BPM) which use CCD-cameras to register synchrotron light in the visible spectrum. Two luminosity estimation methods are presented, both based on beam size analysis. Although the luminosity measurements by particle detectors CMD-3 and SND are slow and have low statistical accuracy for low beam currents, their data can be used to test new faster methods. Additionally, an attempt of the phase space tomography is presented using the simulated BPM measurements of the particle distribution in a strongly non-gaussian beam.