Recent Beam-Beam Effects and Luminosity at VEPP-2000

2 014
D. Shwartz, D. Berkaev, I. Koop, E. Perevedentsev, Yu. Rogovsky, Yu. Shatunov, A. Kasaev, A. Kyrpotin, A. Lysenko, V. Prosvetov, A. Romanov, A. Senchenko, P. Shatunov, I. Zemlyansky, Yu. Zharinov
VEPP-2000 electron-positron collider dedicated last season to the energy range of 160-520 MeV per beam. The application of round colliding beams concept along with the accurate orbit and lattice correction yielded the high peak luminosity of 1.2*10^31 cm-2s-1 at 500 MeV with average luminosity of 0.9*10^31 cm-2s-1 per run. The total beam-beam tune shift up to 0.174 was achieved in the runs at 392.5 MeV. This corresponds to beam-beam parameter ksi = 0.125 per one interaction point. The injection system is currently being upgraded to allow for the injection at the top energy of VEPP-2000 collider and to eliminate the present lack of positrons.