Comissioning of Upgraded VEPP-2000 Injection Chain

2 016
D.E. Berkaev, A.V. Andrianov, K.V. Astrelina, V.V. Balakin, A.M. Barnyakov, O.V. Belikov, M.F. Blinov, D.V. Bochek, D. Bolkhovityanov, F.A. Emanov, A.R. Frolov, K. Gorchakov, Ye.A. Gusev, A.S. Kasaev, E. Kenzhbulatov, I. Koop, I.E. Korenev, G.Y. Kurkin, N.N. Lebedev, A.E. Levichev, P.V. Logatchov, A.P. Lysenko, D.A. Nikiforov, V.P. Prosvetov, Yu. A. Rogovsky, S.L. Samoylov, A.I. Senchenko, P.Yu. Shatunov, Y.M. Shatunov, D.B. Shwartz, A.A. Starostenko, I.M. Zemlyansky, Yu.M. Zharinov
The upgrade of VEPP-2000 e+e- collider injection chain includes the connection to BINP Injection Complex (IC) via newly constructed transfer line K-500 as well as upgrade of the booster synchrotron BEP to the energy of 1 GeV. Modernization has started in the middle of 2013 and now the electron and positron beams with highly increased production rate together with top-up injection from BEP are ready to feed VEPP-2000 ring and provide design luminosity at the whole energy range limited only by beam-beam effects. The design and operation experience of IC damping ring, 250m transfer channel and booster BEP dealing with 2.6T magnets at top energy will be presented.