Lowest energy, highest luminosity

We stop today for a (short) winter shutdown. The low energy run Oct-Dec'2019 was dedicated to our lowest energy range (180-300 MeV/beam). It turned out to be extremely successfull: the luminosity at E=180 MeV achieved L=0.6*10^30cm-2s-1 (see routine screenshot), that is a factor of 5(!) higher than our previous record obtained during low-energy run in 2013. Needless to say that it is the highest luminosity value ever observed in the world at these energies.
Previous run 2018/2019 was a long routine scan of the high energy range 550-990 MeV/beam. Finally, the VEPP-2000 largest luminosity integral of 68pb-1 was recorded.
We are looking forward for the next run in 2020 for taking data at our top energies.