Run 2016/2017 is over

The fruitful run 2016/2017 is finished. The data was collected in the energy range of 640-1003.5 MeV per beam (experiment 'HIGH2017'). The total integrated luminosity amounts to 53 pbn-1 per each detector, that is comparable to the data collected during three runs 2010-2013, and exceeds the total data collected by several generations of detectors at VEPP-2M (predessor of VEPP-2000). These excellent results were achieved due to usage of new powerful BINP Injection Complex and of course due to hard work of skilled VEPP-2000 team.
Some extra-data was collected at three points of beam energy scan: around 938 MeV at the treshhold of nucleon-antinucleon pair production; at the D*0-meson mass 2*1003.5 MeV; and at 641 MeV per beam. Latter two regions are interesting to check if some new physics can be detected in "forbidden" (by Standart Model) processes.
Let us remember some milestones of the 2016/2017 run.
11.10.2016 – First е- beam @ BEP.
15.11.2016 – Compton backscattering system cross-check with two lasers.
15.12.2016 – First test luminosity @ 510 MeV
26.01.2017 – Data collection start @ 850 MeV.
03.03.2017 – Daily luminosity integral 680 nbn-1 (2011 record surpassed).
17.04.2017 – Peak luminosity 4×1031 cm-1s-1 @ 980 MeV
21.04.2017 – Highest beam energy of 1005 MeV achieved.
09.05.2017 – Daily integral record: 1260 nbn-1 @ 940 MeV.
30.05.2017 – Energy scan from 840 MeV downwards to 640 MeV.
06.07.2017 – Shutdown.