VEPP-2000 Electron-Positron Collider Commissioning and First Results of Round Colliding Beam Tests

2 008
Y. M. Shatunov, D. E. Berkaev, I. Koop, A. P. Lysenko, E. Perevedentsev, A. L. Romanov, P. Yu. Shatunov, D. B. Shwartz, A. N. Skrinsky
VEPP-2000 electron-positron collider construction has been completed in the Budker INP at the beginning of 2007 year. First beam was captured in a special lattice without final focus solenoids. In this regime all systems of power supplies, machine control and beam diagnostics were calibrated and tuned. In the same mode vacuum chamber treatment by synchrotron radiation was performed with electron beam current up to 150 mA. The first test of the round beam option was performed at the energy of 508 MeV with the solenoidal field 10 T in two interaction straight sections. Studies of the beam-beam interaction have been done in "weak-strong" and "strong-strong" regimes. Measurements of beam sizes in the both cases have indicated a beam behavior similar to expectations for the round colliding beams.